Saturday, June 16, 2007

He rubbed my feet....

Every year as Fathers Day approaches I am humbled and more aware
of the countless blessings that have been part of my life! I have said
many times - you really don't know what love is until you have a child!
I truly feel that way! Charlie and Courtney mean more to me than I
have ability to put into words! This Fathers Day I will have Brook to
be thankful for also! A very sweet and beautiful lady that has Charlie
happier than ever! And then there was my Dad!!!! The Ultimate Father!
William Felix Moores! WOW! I was once asked in a questionnaire - if you
could have lunch with anyone from anytime in the world - I immediately
wrote in - my Dad! When Charlie has told me that I am the greatest
Father ever, I am embarrassed. I am nothing compared to Dad. He
was the most honorable human being I knew! He married his high school
sweetheart, Rubye - what a woman! He put her on a pedestal the rest
of his life - very day, every moment - he honored her and honored his
commitment. He worked hard and as young man developed Popeye-like
forearms and had a natural mechanical aptitude - Dad could fix anything!
I saw him change transmissions in our carport and bring many a car back
to life! He worked for Tampa Electric Company in a very specialized unit.
He was so good at what he did, that they would often call him with a problem
and he would ask a few questions and tell them how to fix the problem!
He came to most of my football and baseball games, but was not too crazy
when I jumped into Karate at 14. He came home one day and found I had
broken every brick he had in half - I yelled, "Look at what I can do!" He
calmly told me to pick the mess up and said I surely would be safe if a brick
attacked me! He recorded all the sermons and musicals at our church (on
equipment that he donated) and make copies for the shut-ins so they
could have church come to them. He also kept the air conditioners running
and always helped out WHENEVER they asked. He had a monster sense
of humor and all my friends warmed to him instantly! He bought me a 110
pound weight set at Christmas and 3 of my friends were over trying to be
Hercules. 2 of us managed to get over our head and Dad walked up, picked
up the bar with ONE HAND, lifted it over his head 8 times real fast, put
it back down and walked off.....I did not argue back with him much!!!! I did
not do a lot of things just out of the fear that he would find out - disappointing
him crushed me more than anything! He died in 1980 and the last pictures
ever made of him were of an extremely excited Granddad holding an equally
excited 3-1/2 month old baby - Charlie! You can not tell who was having the
most fun. He was CACA over that baby from the minute he was born! I'm SO
thankful for those last pictures! My Dad loved me unconditionally! I recently
came home from the hospital from a hip replacement and my lovely wife Linda
was soaking and rubbing my feet and I flashed back to my 1st knee injury in
1967.... I woke up in my bed and as my eyes cleared, I could see my Dad at the
end of my bed using those phenomenally strong hands to rub my feet.....NOTHING
ever felt better....his touch cured all!

Well Dad - I'll never be 10% of what you were, but you showed me the right way!

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