Sunday, June 13, 2010

Her heart is broken....

Linda knew her Mom's health was deteriorating and has known about it
for a long time.... Aunt Jean died about 2 weeks ago and we suspected
Maxine would lose what little desire she had to hold on.... Linda had
admired Aunt Jean deeply - all her life - and her passing stung my girl
hard... She has not been able to talk to her Mom since and Maxine slipped
into an unresponsive state and died on Saturday afternoon..... It's kinda
like a bus - you may see it coming, but it hurts just as bad as if you didn't
know. Linda was numb last night as she packed to go back to Arkansas...
We both stayed busy getting her ready and when we stopped for a minute,
the finality of losing her remaining parent sunk in and she wept herself
to sleep. She was up this morning preparing for the trip and this lady
that I have spent the last 36 years with ---- was just not herself....

her heart is broken..........

I understand and I hurt badly because she hurts - I wish I could take the pain
from her, but unfortunately this is something one has to deal with internally
until the peace comes.... She will be in good hands in Arkansas with
Betty, Wanda, Helen and Jimmy looking after her and holding her up....
She will never be away from my thoughts in the coming days...

I love you!

Saturday, June 12, 2010

Looks like they had good time!

Whitney and Ryan were married in April on a rainy Sunday
and they never let the clouds dampen their spirits! Great
people - great time!!!