Tuesday, June 21, 2005

Fathers Day


Father's Day 2005 was an awesome one for me!
But, I have told many people on many occassions
that it is Father's Day for me EVERYDAY! I truly
believe that one does not know
what love is until
you have children. I have been blessed with the
2 best ever! Linda was
very sweet all weekend and
wanted me to have a great Father's Day. Courtney
came over
early to go to breakfast with us and brought
2 cards - 1 from her and 1 from all the critters.
The 1
from the critters was "signed" by all the dogs, cats and
birds and included Steve Yerrid's
tickets to the Devil Rays
for Father's Day! COOL! So Linda and I went to the game
and acted
like the rich people - pigged out on the free food
and sat right behind home plate and was
waited on as long
as we stayed. Of course I missed seeing or hearing from
Charlie, but he is
always on my mind and he emailed me
early Monday and then called me Monday afternoon from
Iraq - cool - huh??? All's well with the 2 best children ever!

Saturday, June 18, 2005

The Road King

My Trusty Ride

My 2002 Harley Road King has brought miles of smiles and joy! My trusty friend has been with me for 3 years now and has carried me through the roads of Florida, the mountains of Arkansas, Tennessee and North Carolina. Never a problem, the King has been my faithful and favorite transport - not only down the roads, but has allowed my spirit to escape the ties to the mundane and let me exist where "now and here" are all that matter! I have never named this ironhorse because I have never found a name I considered worthy of my buddy - I shall endeavor to do just that. This is my 1st Harley and I don't know where my timeline will take me, but this bike will always be very SPECIAL to me. On our most recent adventure we encountered "the Dragon" in the hills of Tennessee and my steady ride carried me through on multiple runs with ease and grace. Whenever I am on this partner of mine I feel more alive, invigorated and free! I'll ride til I can't get on anymore.....

Thursday, June 09, 2005

Word from Iraq

Charlie flew out on June 6 and we got email on the 8th - all is well, palace is "unreal and very secure". We were glad to hear so quickly. Monday night have left us with a very strange feeling when he called prior to boarding the plane. Our hearts were numb in our throats. Hurry Home Son!

Thursday, June 02, 2005

Court & Charlie Posted by Hello
Mom and Charlie Posted by Hello

Come Home Soon Son!!!

Memorial Day was the worst!
The weekend had started out great! Charlie came in Thursday night and we all got to go on a 140 mile ride on Saturday - The were 7
Moores on 4 motorcycles and we had a ball. Charlie got to see some of his old friends and we got some more recuperation from the vacation. On Monday Courtney and Charlie went to the movies and we met them for lunch at PF Changs - it was awesome!
THEN came the dreaded trip to the airport..... My whole life I have tried to always protect my kids, sometimes OVERprotective! Now here we were putting him on a plane and he would be headed for Iraq and the war. I had known it would be tough, but it totally drained Linda and I of anything we had in us. I tried not to show Charlie my fears, but Mom was losing it fast and her son was fighting back the tears. We left the airport in absolute silence and I felt like someone had taken most of my stomach out. I know I don't have the words to describe this and only those who have been through the same can realize the shear fear at a time like this. I'm sure that not 1 minute will pass that I don't anguish over this until he gets back! I thank God every day for the wonderful family He has blessed me with and Charlie and I have always had a special relationship. I love and admire him!
Come home soon Son!!!!!!!