Sunday, July 09, 2006

Linda's new buddy from the mountain trip in May - her very own Dragon!

Saturday, July 08, 2006

My favorite lunch place! Blackened grouper, coleslaw, coffee, water, hot sauce - can't beat it! On Gandy Blvd on the St. Pete side - stop in - you will be pleased!
Charlie gets ready for another run on the Dragon...

Check this out!

Homeless Model Writes Memoir on Apple Store Computer

*this is from one of the many other great blogs that I check out daily.......

Macs really do bring out the creativity in people. Seriously.

Take the case of Isobello Jadeco, a homeless fashion model who is currently trying to pitch her memoir, Almost 5'4" to publishers in part based on the story of its creation -- at the Prince Street Apple Store in SoHo. Since it's 250 pages long, that was a lot of window-shopping to put it together.

She told mediabistro's FishbowlNY, which broke the story,

I stood at the Apple Store infront of a 17inch computer the one that I call " mine." I had been going to the store at the time for about 9 months. As I stood in heels for up to 2 hours at a time, my contacts and my mouth would go dry and without a blink of the eye I would pace back and forth from writing about my experiences to DOING the experience and the daily tasks of responding to emails, researching modeling jobs and places to send my comp cards. I was always in a rush running into and out of the Apple Store up to 3 times a day ... to go on meetings, photo shoots, and receive a potential paycheck and then right back to the store, I freelance so every minute in my day counts.

And I thought I lingered over the product in my local Apple Store a bit too much...

Tuesday, July 04, 2006

The Captain and Dad

July 1 Charlie became Captain Charles Moores! Congrats dude! He had flown into Tampa on late Sunday night and we would trailer his Harley back to Ft Campbell by the weekend. I took a couple days off and we headed out wednesday night for "boys play" on the Dragon! We stayed in Perry, Georgia Wednesday night and were at the cabin by lunchtime. We took a quick siesta and jumpped on the bikes for the Captain and Dad assault on the Dragon! We rode through on a beautiful day and after a refresher at Deal's Gap we took off down 28 toward Bryson City - through Fontana Village and through the incredible sites on Hwy 28. We headed back west at 143 toward Robbinsville and the Cherohala Skyway. We went through the winding approach to the Cherohala and as we neared the bridge where we start the climb, there was a fire truck blocking the road and a helicopter air-lifting a biker out - UGH! We turned around and headed back to 129. We stopped at Wheeler's Performace Center for a drink and a T-shirt. Charlie found the pocket rockets real interesting. We rolled on - back through the Dragon and back to the cabin. It was already after 7 - we had lost track of the time up in the mountains - caught up in the fun! We watched a little tube and drove into Maryville for dinner. Friday we were up and headed back over the Dragon on an incredibly gorgeous day! We had breakfast at the Dragon's Den and went across the street where Charlie could meet Ron Johnson (owner of Ron had emailed me to bring Charlie by so he could personally thank him for his service to our country. Ron presented Charlie with the 3-DVD set of the Tail of the Dragon videos! Very nice! We chatted with Ron for a while, took pics of the tree of shame and headed back for our final run on the Dragon. We had another Harley pull out after us and he hung with us for the 1st 2-3 miles and then we "turned it on" and lost him - the roads were perfect and Charlie stayed with me on every turn! What a BLAST!!!! We rode off the mountain and along the river - both very content and excited...Back to the cabin, load up and off to Clarksville! Great memories for the Captain and the Dad!!!