Sunday, April 23, 2006

Linda's new harley vest!

YES - Steve and Adrienne's new harley
has cost me alot of money - $$!! Just
like very new harley owner, they want
to visit every harley dealer in the world
NOW! We have a lot of fun riding and enjoying
the excitement! Of course, Linda feels she
needs to help coach Adrienne on all the
incredibly cool clothes they have for women
at the harley shops - every shop is new T shirts
or jeans or blouses or hats or more jeans or vest,
you name it - they have it! Linda's addiction started
4 years ago and I see NO slowing... Adrienne has
very quickly picked up on the "new harley power
shopping" that is a rite of passage and she has done
women everywhere proud with her shopping! They
will be building new closets in the near future to
house their new Harley wardrobe!!!! Posted by Picasa

Saturday, April 22, 2006

Steve's new HOG!

Here's Steve and Adrienne just hours after picking up their new Heritage Classic from Lakeland Harley! Beautiful bike - I think Steve slept on it the 1st night! Another harley for the Moores clan!

Thursday, April 20, 2006

Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Courtney's new dog!

Courtney has always wanted a dog of her own so her mother went out and got her a Cabbage Patch dog for Easter. Courtney and her new friend, Bookie, bonded instantly!

Sunday, April 16, 2006

KoKo - Linda's double-yellow head Amazon that came to us
as a baby many years ago and has been glued to Linda ever
since! He talks up a storm and some of it would be censored
on prime time TV!

Friday, April 14, 2006

Linda decided to close her office on Good Friday, I took a day off and we had a late breakfast at Kozy Korner and went out to Pass-A-Grille for a little sunshine. It was a beautiful day in many ways!!!! The sun was warm and bright - the water was clear and glistening! The topper was that we got to talk to Charlie 3 times! He has finished the 1st phase of Ranger School and will move on to the mountain phase in the morning! They got an 8 hour break and consumed as much food as they possibly could and were looking forward to a real nights sleep. He said he had only slept 6-7 hours in last 3 days - UGH!!!! But he sounded great and determined to see this through. He will now graduate May 25 and we will be there after playing on the dragon for a few days. Well, the collage is a collection of the scenes of the day from our visit to the beach! We are VERY thankful for the beautiful day and Charlie's continued good fortune. Posted by Picasa

Saturday, April 08, 2006

On March 31, Lynne Genung celebrated her birthday in the car on the way to Florida. Dylan was spring breaking with another family in Daytona Beach, so Bob and Lynne took the opportunity for their first vacation without a young person in many, many years! They were visably more relaxed when they arrived at LaLaLand Saturday night in time to watch the Gators trample the George Mason dream in the Final Four! We ate, partied amd lauhed til late in the evening. Sunday morning was breakfast, coffe and more laughs - and the they were gone, heading to Longboat Key.... They stayed a week, relaxed, got sun and shared more laughs. We still love them very dearly....

Friday, April 07, 2006

Tuesday, April 04, 2006

IN CASE YOU DID NOT HEAR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

A night for the ages! I was wound up tightly as Monday drew closer to tip off - could these young guys do it 1 more time??? I'm a football guy and most of my anxious moments are over the gridiron, but yesterday I was bleeding blue and orange all over! Tip off was at 9:15 and I knew Linda would be asleep long before halftime - regardless of how much I was yelling. They started off strong and never let up - beating a great, but outmatched, UCLA team. I was nervous all the way to end - screaming, cheering and wanting to believe. In the end it was Harley and I on the couch and I was still screaming - but now I had tears of joy running down my face - our Gators had won the BIG SHOW. Courtney called and we shared an excited and tearful moment for OUR TEAM! Happy is the word for the Gator nation on this special day!

GO GATORS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Monday, April 03, 2006

In 1998 Charlie started college at University of Tampa. The strength coach for the cross country team got him interested in rowing and he had a great time, gained some upper body strength and met a little blonde named Esther. They stayed together their 5 years at UT and here is Esther yesterday on her 26th birthday - they still care about each other! While Charlie is off at Ranger School, Linda and I took Esther out for a birthday dinner at Don Pablo's! Happy Birthday Esther!

Sunday, April 02, 2006

Gator's shot at glory

INDIANAPOLIS - Who's Cinderella now?
The Florida basketball team, unranked before the season began, dispatched upstart George Mason 73-58 at the RCA Dome on Saturday night. On April Fool's Day, Florida advanced to the national championship game. They will face UCLA.

No fooling.
While the Patriots were crowd favorites because of a string of upsets in the regionals, the Florida story is almost as improbable.

Before the game, Billy Donovan told his team in the locker room, "The Cinderella story ends tonight."

Asked if the Gators are a Cinderella story themselves, center Al Horford said, "If you think about it, we kind of are."

George Mason had used a Kryptonite theme in making its run at the Final Four and there were signs referring to Superman's weakness around the dome Saturday.

"It's pea soup now," said backup Chris Richard. "I guess you could say we took the Kryptonite and threw it away."

Florida led by five at the half, then used the hot hand of guard Lee Humphrey at the start of the second half to stretch the lead to 19 at one point. Humphrey scored Florida's first 10 points of the second half.

The Gators much-improved perimeter defense also kept the Patriots from hitting a 3-point shot until 35 minutes had passed. George Mason was 2-of-11 from beyond the arc while Humphrey made six from long range, five of them in the second half.

"As a college basketball player, this is what you want," Humphrey said. "It's been an exciting, exciting week for us."

The win was Florida's 10th straight as the Gators upped their record to 32-6. It is the second time in seven years Florida has played for the national title, both times in Indianapolis. "I'm very, very thankful," Florida coach Billy Donovan said. "The NCAA Tournament to me, what's the lottery motto? You've got to be in it to win it."

With the crowd rooting for a comeback, George Mason cut the lead to nine before Florida made six straight free throws, then grabbed three straight offensive rebounds on a game-clinching possession.

"I was shocked we weren't in the game with three or four minutes to go," George Mason coach Jim Larranaga said. "I'm surprised we didn't play well."

Humphrey and Corey Brewer led the Gators with 19 points each. Horford led the Gators with 13 rebounds.

"It hasn't hit me yet," Brewer said. "It hasn't hit me like it's going to hit me."