Sunday, June 03, 2007

81 more days!

Brook and Charlie watch the last of a sunset
and look off into their future together! Linda
and I came back from the mountains, Charlie
flew in and Brook returned from Paris as we
all had a wonderful dinner at the beach! We
are all set for August 24 at the Sirata Beach
Resort to present the new Mr and Mrs Charles
C. Moores!!!!

1 comment:

Duke of DeLand said...

Quite a coincidence Jerry.....

My Nephew Pete, and his lady Brandi will be marrying August 18th! We'll be in Lakeland where son "Little Duke" will be the entertainment.....He has a big DJ/Party business in Jacksonville.

Then my Son and his lady Lisa will wed September 29th in Jacksonville...

Aren't weddings of your kids/relatives special?

Enjoy, as I know you will.