Thursday, December 30, 2004

2004 on the way out...

2004 - What a year!
Charlie went to Korea, Courtney grew and flourished, Linda got a break and I remain amazed at the mountain of blessings in my life! Yes - 2004 saw hurricanes, a "spirited" election, a tsunami, senseless shootings and more war - BUT out of each came compassion, generosity, unity and resolve. Our creator always shows Himself when our times appear the worst.
Our house saw Harley and Lilly come to join us, Court came home for a few months, a new roof and lots of laughs! The Genungs on Siesta Key, Bike Week, Biketoberfest, Eric Clapton, 3 big snook in 1 day, fun on the bike, breakfast at Cracker Barrells all over the state and the love of a wonderful woman - what in the world could someone want else?
The gang has swelled to 10 again!
3 Labs - Jake, Harley and Lilly
2 Schnauzers - Travis and Buffy
3 Cats - Obie, Bubba and George
2 Birds - KoKo and Toby
A lot of love for 1 address!!!!!!
I don't know what 2005 will bring but put me down for a ticket!
Jerry out....
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Monday, December 27, 2004

Lilly at Christmas Posted by Hello
Lilly 8 weeks old Posted by Hello

Christmas & Lilly Homecoming

Christmas 2004!!!
Another year of blessings and memories...
Thursday, Dec 23 we brought home Lilly, out female lab that we had visited since she was 17 days old.... She is beautiful! Stopped at Spike and Randy's on the way home to share the excitement and their Dobie pup, Shawna was a real jewell and put up with the little white ball of fur and teeth. Then home to meet the gang. Harley loved her instantly - the others will take their time, as they did with Harley - just a month ago....Lilly served notice right away that she may be little but she had warrior spirit and she stood her ground as all the pack checked her out. She is truly an awesome pup and fit in instantly. Being so young, we have had some fun nights with our little lady, but we are all molding in to a comfortable group! Harley has melted my heart and is turning into a SUPER Lab and buddy! We have stuck to our routine of wrestling and walking every morning and we both look forward to it! He has been to puppy school 2 times and does awesome on the lead. Linda has been handling him in the classes and that lets them bond as well!!! He got his last shots on Dec 24 and was already 48.6 pounds! Lilly weighed in at a whopping 11 pounds on the same day, but Dr. Z says she will be big boned like Harley.
We talked to Charlie several times during the Christmas days and Linda and I cried several times at how much we miss our dude. He was terribly homesick too! He was making his mother's broccoli casserole and that thrilled Mom and boy! He will be home soon - 24 days from today! A big part of our hearts go with him every step!
It was great having Courtney home for Christmas! She and Steven took off for Gatlinburg the day after Christmas for some fun in the snow. She is really growing up and is more beautiful everyday...
Once again, I remained amazed and humbled by the incredible blessings that our Creator continues to pour into my life. Words pale in comparison to what I feel in my heart. I thank You, Lord!