Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Cloudy Monday

Monday found all the beach crowd gone and clouds ran off
the regular beach bums for the day....

Saturday, October 27, 2007

Now THIS is funny.......

From Liz Thoughts|Love, Life, and Motherhood

“You did not just go to the bathroom in my Longaberger basket!”

October 26th, 2007 at 1:54 am (Family)

I am potty training Josiah, and tonight the kids and I were running (actually the kids were running I was more like walking fast) and playing. Josiah disappeared for a little while and I came around the corner to find him squatting over my $70 Longaberger basket (that was a gift) going to the bathroom!! I guess he had the right idea anyway. It’s kind of the shape of his potty chair :)

Bear News

There have been lots of Bear sitings around here lately!
I think they all followed Linda home from the mountains in May...

Fun Stuff from other Bloggers

NEAT! I found this awesome fill-in game while I was checking out Michele to see what craziness she was up to… Fond of Snape is a AWESOME blog and the author has some great pictures and fun games! Check them both out and enjoy…..

Friday Fill-In #43
1. The last good thing that came in the mail was a refund check.

2. This week I'm grateful for my family.

3. Rubye Cookies are the most delicious thing ever.

4. Charlie inspires me.

5. I'm most happy when I am taking pictures. (keeping this G rated)

6. And all the roads we have to walk along are part of the journey.

7. As for the weekend, tonight I'm looking forward to talking to Charlie, tomorrow my plans include the BIG announcement and the Gator game and Sunday, I want to chill out !

Friday, October 26, 2007

Fish Fear Her!

Here's Courtney on one of her latest fishing trips! She brings
along a helper for the small details....

Tuesday, October 23, 2007

The Vinoy Basin

Could you imagine napping away on a sailboat in a calm
harbor on a October afternoon???

Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Cypress Beach in pastel

One of our new places to watch the sunset is
Cypress Beach just south of the airport. Awesome
place - here I had some fun in Photoshop...

Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Another Tampa Bay Sunrise!

The residents of the Tampa Bay area enjoy
some of the most beautiful sunrise and sunset
scenery anywhere!

Wednesday, October 03, 2007

At the Gap!

Here is Linda and I at one of our favorite places in the
world - Deal's Gap Motorcycle Resort! This was taken
in May and we usually return in October to see the leaves
change.... Not this year! So we just sit and dream about
our mountain hideaway and look forward to our next visit!

Monday, October 01, 2007

Chosen Soldier!

I finished reading this awesome book about the training of the
US Army Special Forces - in a word INCREDIBLE!
Fantastic book and a phenomenal insight into the making of
our finest soldiers! Charlie wanted me to read this book so I
could relate to his training. WOW! I'm in awe of these guys!

IN combating terror, America can no longer depend on its conventional military superiority and the use of sophisticated technology. We are fighting guerrilla wars, against insurgents hidden in remote regions, often deep among the local population. In battles such as these, squadrons of billion-dollar bombers and naval fleets mean much less than on-the-ground intelligence and the ability to organize local forces. That’s why, more than ever before, we need men like those of the Army Special Forces—the legendary Green Berets.
In Chosen Soldier, Dick Couch—a former Navy SEAL widely admired for his books about SEAL training and operations—offers an unprecedented view of the training of the Army Special Forces warrior. Each year, several thousand enlisted men and several hundred officers volunteer for Special Forces training; less than a quarter of those who apply will complete the course. Chosen Soldier spells out in fascinating detail the arduous regimen these men undergo—the demanding selection process and grueling field exercises, the high-level technical training and intensive language courses, and the simulated battle problems that test everything from how well they gather operational intelligence to their skills at negotiating with volatile, often hostile, local leaders.
Green Berets are expected to be deadly in combat, yes, but their responsibilities go far beyond those of other Special Operations fighters; they’re taught to operate in foreign cultures, often behind enemy lines; to recruit, train, and lead local forces; to gather intelligence in hostile territory; to forge bonds across languages and cultures. They must not only be experts in such fields as explosives, communications, engineering, and field medicine, but also be able to teach those skills to others. Each and every Green Beret must function as tactical combat leader, negotiator, teacher, drill sergeant, and diplomat.
These tasks require more than just physical prowess; they require a unique mix of character, intelligence, language skills, and—most of all—adaptability. It’s no wonder that the Green Berets’ training regimen is known as the hardest in the world. Drawing on his unprecedented access to the closed world of Army Special Forces training, Dick Couch paints a vivid, intimate portrait of these extraordinary men and the process that forges America’s smartest, most versatile, and most valuable fighting force.


"Dick Couch has written the definitive book on the making of a Special Forces soldier. It is high tribute indeed that a former Navy SEAL declares U.S. Army Special Forces the single most valuable asset in America's war on terrorism. Couch moved into Camp Mackall with a class of SF candidates for ten months and emerged to pen an insightful portrait of men whose cultural understanding, negotiating skills, and license for creative thinking represent the most sophisticated approach to today's unsettled world of terrorism and murky, backwater conflicts. Chosen Soldier should be read by every American who despairs of finding solutions to current tumult."
--Linda Robinson, author of Masters of Chaos: The Secret History of the Special Forces

"A superb book for any reader interested in just what makes a 'Chosen Soldier'...expertly carries the reader through the rigorous training and mock battles...impossible to put down."
--Robin Moore, author of The Green Berets, The Hunt for Bin Laden and Hunting Down Saddam

"A clear and fascinating description of how the world's best unconventional soldiers are selected and trained. Couch brings the reader inside the arduous process that makes the Green Beret the Olympic-class soldier: disciplined, mature and sophisticated."
--Bing West, author of The Village and No True Glory: The Battle for Fallujah

"One of the most impressive and insightful accounts I've seen of Army Special Forces. More accurately and revealingly than any author in recent memory, Couch shows how the finest warriors in the world are selected and trained. Chosen Soldier is a great portrayal of the heroes that defend America."
--James B. Woulfe, author of Into the Crucible: Making Marines for the 21st Century