Sunday, May 24, 2009

A debt we can NOT repay....

I recently finished "5 Years to Freedom" - Colonel Nick Rowe's memories
of his 5 years as prisoner of war in Vietnam! It was INCREDIBLE! It was
my companion for months as I would read at lunches and whenever I
could squeeze in some time. I was quickly taken back over 40 years
and relived this war through the eyes and spirit of a young Special Forces
soldier taken captive in 1962... I found myself mad, sad and a myriad of
other emotions as I read how this incredibly brave man fought with every
fiber of his spirit to survive and hold fast to his convictions! I literally
cheered and had tears runs down my face the day I read of his escape
and reunion with his fellow soldiers! I have no idea how he - or any of
our brave young guys survive such horror... I asked my son once as he
finished Ranger school how he lasted - he replied he had learned to
"live without limits"....

On this Memorial Day, I am humbled and thankful for all the brave souls
that fought and died for our freedoms....

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Pass-A-Grille Beach

One of the most beautiful areas ANYWHERE is Pass-A-Grille on the southern
tip of Gluf Blvd in St. Petersburg... the end of the road... I grew playing here
and there are many tales of fishing and smuggling that play a big part of the
history of this area. It is a MUST see! This shot is from the top of the famed
Hurricane Restaurant... We will be headed there again on the 30th to capture
the story of Marcela and Chris' wedding!!!

Monday, May 18, 2009

Soon to be 3!

2 of the "Super People" in my life are Jerry and Mandi - shown here
last November at a wedding we were shooting! You can not meet
better peeps anywhere! They recently found out that they will become
parents in September!!! They have spoiled their beloved dogs and
cats for years - now they will have a "Little Mac"....

Friday, May 08, 2009

Tough Day

It started over a week ago... The periods of long lost stares and no words...
Last night we had our last call and that's always a heart stopper - at that
point we were both feeling abut as empty as a parent can feel... Sleep was
so elusive, Linda was up since 3 - at 5:30 we were staring at the clock
knowing it was 4:30 where he was and it was time to go - again!
Our son is a soldier - one that has been through the most intense training
in the world and he travels with other "Chosen Soldiers".... It still scares
a Mom and a Dad to the depths of our souls... We are extremely proud of
our son and all that he has achieved and accomplished, but when he has
to go "do what he does" Linda and I remained gripped by an intense fear
that comes along with being a parent.... I simply will not draw a breath
until he returns without his face on my mind...
If you see a Mom or a Dad next week that has a son or daughter in the war,
go up and give them a hug - they will appreciate it...
I've ALWAYS been in awe of the incredible mutual love I have shared with
my son and in these times I am thankful to have such a powerful love in
my life...

Hurry home son......