Saturday, June 29, 2013

Still kickin!!!

   Ruana hatchet and skinner!

29 June 2013

Life just picks you up and moves you forward sometimes and you wonder where the time went... It's been that way lately.... The people and critters I spend most of time with are all fine and life keeps on speeding down the lane! I have thoughts of this blog often and think I will get it going again with pics and thoughts - the way it was 8 or 9 years ago... I enjoy reading the old posts and seeing the pictures, SO, here we go again :-)) Above is a Ruana hatchet and skinner from my knife collection.


Fannie is the latest, and greatest (says Linda) in the extremely long line of Moores' critters! Fannie is a French Bulldog and turned 2 in April! She has an awesome personality and keeps us in stitches! She snores like a train and snorts al the time :-)) Linda has spoiled her terribly!!! Linda and I just celebrated our 39th anniversary and we would be hard pressed to count how many critters we have had - and loved! We currently have Lilly, our 8 year old Lab - the sweetest dog that ever lived, Fannie, Toby - a 26 year old cockatiel and George, an 18 year old cat..... happy little farm :-))

Sunday, June 24, 2012

Randall 75th Anniversary Badge and Coin!

Randall's 75th Anniversary coming up!

Rick Bowles the incomparable - only authorized Scrimshander for world famous Randall Made Knives® of Orlando Florida presents.....

The limited edition badge and challenge coin commemorating the seventy-fifth anniversary of Randall Made Knives. These badges and coins are being made by the same company that is making the Olympic medals and are of the highest quality. I chose a five point star because Florida law enforcement uses a five point badge. The colors of green and gold are of course Randall's colors and I designed a 75th., diamond anniversary logo for the center. The colors for the 75th. logo center section were suggested by Gary Randall. He noted that his father was very patriotic and insisted that the standard spacers on Randall Made Knives always remain red, white and blue in honor of the United States of America. The challenge coin features my 75th. logo on the reverse and the iconic image of Bo and Gary Randall viewing astronaut Gordon Cooper's Randall model #17 "Astro" on the obverse. 

I am a Randall nut and of corse, when Rick emailed about his new creation, I have to have 1... or several.... They are usual Rick Bowles masterpieces! Always the highest in quality and amazing design, Rick has made a worthy commemorative that any Randall collector will HAVE TO HAVE! Thanks Rick - Thanks Randall!

Saturday, June 23, 2012

Little Mac!

Welcome Little mac!!!

It had been a rough few months... We lost Harley on April 13 and then Buffy went 2 months to the day later... We spend so much time with our pets, they are a BIG part of our lives... Harley's death had crushed us badly - I still have bad days and miss my big guy horribly.....

We added another Frenchie on Thursday! Little Mac! Fannie has been a sheer delight as a pet and companion so we got a little guy for her to play with! Louie is 13 weeks, has brindle and white markings and will probably end up bigger than Fannie by a few pounds but they are already becoming fast friends and both slept in the bed together right off the bat....  Linda, the ultimate "dog mom" will have another lucky baby to spoil.....   We all should be so lucky as to be 1 of Linda's little critters!

Welcome Little Mac!

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Buff girl

Buffy was almost 14 and Linda had cooked special foods and done everything possible to get her back to full strength.... today, she went to be with Harley....

Monday, January 02, 2012

2012 - Jan 1 & 2

Christmas was nice and quiet and 2012 rolled in with all the usual anticipation of the great year to come! We hung around the house on the 1st 2 days and cleaned out some closets and got in some needed rest! Hello 2012!