Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Fortunate Guy!

I guess birthdays cause us to take a view of our lives and are
always a grand time to count our blessings... Well, I would
need a birthday MONTH as my life has been filled with such
truly incredible people and experiences!!! I had the most loving
parents a person could ever dream of - the perfect examples
of how to do it right!!! My childhood and schooling times were
over the top! Linda and I just had our 35th anniversary and
I have - without doubt - the 2 most phenomenal children ever!
And now - Ava and Ty, my precious grand babies, what else
could a man ask for??? There so many people and times that
have left wonderful impressions on my life that it would take
forever to list them all....

I turn 60 today and it's been an AWESOME ride - I remain VERY
thankful for all you really neat people in my life :-))



Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Matt and Nina

Incredible couple! We recently shot an eSession with Matt and Nina
at the University of Tampa and thoroughly enjoyed it! Matt and Nina
are both wonderful folks and they will married November 14 in
Bradenton! We can't wait!

Friday, September 11, 2009

Ava and Ty

Last week Courtney and little Ty flew up to Tennessee to spend time
with Brook and Ava! It was the 1st time the 2 children have been
together and I am not sure who had a better time - the kids or the
Moms!!! Well obviously, I say that they are the 2 most beautiful
children in the world! Brook has more pictures to come of these
special memories!

Friday, September 04, 2009

Happy Birthday Wayne!

Wayne Armstrong was my brother in law. He had the happiest spirit of
anyone I've known! He always seemed content! My last visit was about 5
years ago and I had taken my Harley up to Wayne and Wanda's house in
the mountains of northwest Arkansas.... My words fail me when I try to
express the beauty I saw and the serenity of my visit... Wayne was like a
kid when we got there and we couldn't wait until we were leaning into
the curves in this slice of heaven he called home! I can often tell how long
someone has been driving a motorcycle by the way they handle their
bikes - Wayne, without doubt, was one of the best, most natural riders
I have ever been around! He was "one with his bike" and he smiled unceasingly!!!!
He had mastered "happy"!!!!

Wayne died last year - it broke Linda's heart incredibly, as well as his life
partner/wife Wanda and Helen and THE grandson Tyler - LOTS of love!
Today would have been his birthday! Some will shed a tear. some will
remember fondly and I will smile- thinking of my buddy on his bike....

Rest high on the mountain, my friend!