Tuesday, November 15, 2005

RIDING THE DRAGON Posted by Picasa

Where do you want to be?

WELL - where do you want to be - now? In the Bahamas, Jamacia, California? Where can you smell - like you are already there? Where can see the sights in your mind? Think about it!!!! Me? I would like to be on my favorite stretch of road on the North Carolina/Tennessee border - US129. I can see the cabin, smell the fireplace and sense the freshness in the air. I can feel my bike below me as I float through the 318 curves in 11 miles - I can feel myself leaning while I write this in anticipation of the next turn. I hear the beautiful southern accents of the people we interact with and see their smiles! YUP - give me the mountains! The change of colors and all that goes with it! Take me to The Dragon!
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Monday, November 14, 2005

BUCS win a big one!

Our Tampa Bay Bucs took a step toward becoming a contender yesterday! The line gave our young QB, Chris Simms, time and he lived up to the potential tag that has followed him his whole life. The Defense played well and had interceptions, sacks and rushes all day long. Simms drove the team over 60 yards in less than a minute and then the "A Train" plowed over on a gutsy 2 point conversion. All of Tampa Bay will be stepping lively today! GO BUCS!!!!
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Friday, November 11, 2005

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NOVEMBER 2005 - Here we are, 3 months since my last rambling and it seems like years have past. Courtney turned 23 in August and took a trip to Las Vegas and Little Rock in September. She went to Las Vegas with Molly (who had just returned from her 2nd tour in Iraq) and Lanie - the old crew rides again!!! Then she flew to Little Rock see Sam, her heart throb.... Charlie has been in Baghdad now for over 5 months and hopes to come home the end of January - it seems like an eternity while he is there! Thank God for IM, we get to talk to Charlie regularly and that keeps us only mildly insane with worry. The pups have both had their 1st birthday and are absolutely beautiful! Jake is still hopping along and seems as happy as ever. Katrina made a mess of the Gulf Coast and the people in New Orleans had a terribly hard time. The amount of destruction we have seen in the last 2 years has been overwhelming and many seem to think THE END is near. With the destruction comes the human response and in every case the compassion and outpouring of kindness shows that our Creator still influences a lot of His people down here! Linda has adjusted to her new owners - as she has countless times throughout the years - and has kept Sunpointe churning on all 8 cylinders. She is like a little hurricane! Brother Bill has had the toughest time! He had 2 knee replacements in September and since then has had the battle of his life. He has been diagnosed with Alzheimer’s, small vessel disease and the doctors feel he had multiple mini strokes! Then one of the knees got infected and they had to go in and take out all the new parts, clean them up and put him back together. He is finally at home and in a little less pain, but still needs all our prayers!!!! Steve retired in September and has bought a camera shop in Brandon and TIME FLYS ON!!!!!