Monday, June 09, 2008


The Word: No-nonsense bars like Shadrack???s are a rarity on beaches, so experience this one.

The Spot: It's very possible Shadrack's existed, soaked in beer and history, before the beach was here. It feels that worn in. Built with roof shingles, a few planks of wood and a can of lacquer, Shadrack's is on the random lane between both seawater bodies and main streets. Its walls hang with promotional beer trinkets from the last time the rep came through in 1902.

The Juice: If endearing wasn't the word of the day already, Shadrack's has three beers on Tap, the Buds and Blue Moon, which cost less than anywhere else.

The Grub: Unless you've got a real hankering for a bag of dusty Bugles tacked to a post, dine beforehand at Sea Critters, Wharf or Hurricane.

The Selling Point: This is what drinking in a timelessly lazy island paradise should be.

**Note - spent a lot of time here many years ago.... many tales are held within these walls - of ships and the cargo of the times...

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Ted Roth said...

Great shot, terrific colors and composition, but I want to see those planks and laquer and the memorabilia too. Terrific local insight. Thanks.