Sunday, June 08, 2008

The Captain and The Kid

YUP - stole the title from Jimmy Buffett!
In this case, the Captain is Charlie and The Kid is his daughter,
Ava Grace! The picture was from our visit in May - we caught
them napping together! I somehow found a camera laying
around and got this memory.....

***NOTE - This whole grand baby thing has Linda totally out
of control!!! She is a frequent shopper at BabysRUs and yesterday
we must have visited every baby consignment shop in Hillsborough
County.... HELP........


photowannabe said...

A precious memory photo if I ever saw one. I love the proud Papa sleeping on the Boppy pillow.
Very sweet.

Raven said...

What a beautiful photo. I love the boppy pillow too. You have a page full of lovely baby and other photos. Belated happy anniversary to you and your wife.

Sara said...

Now that is precious! He will treasure that photo for the rest of his life...and little Ava will look at it one day and know how much her daddy loves her!

Small City Scenes said...

What a grand picture. Babies (and their daddys) are something else.
Thanks for visiting my blog.
Your blog is just full of beautiful pics. MB

quinttarantino said...

Sir, you do have the most beautiful family snapshots here.
Very interesting.

Ted Roth said...

A truly beautiful photo to be treasured. Aren't grandchildren amazing? To me the experience of grandpahood is surreal. How can it be when I'm not grown myself?

Is this your first? Even though my wife came from a day of shopping with our daughter and grandson reporting that he was in a foul mood much of the day (We think he bit his tongue tasting in Costco.) all was forgiven when she bribed him to take a drink of water and he sweetened up.