Sunday, December 27, 2009

Hello World!

Well... Hello world - I started this blog over 5 years ago now and I have
been lax lately on posting - I will do better :-)) It's a couple days after
Christmas and all is quiet. Charlie was in Iraq and Brook took Ava to her
parents - we did get to see them all Christmas afternoon on the webcam!
I had Brook on 1 screen and Charlie on another - too cool! We are excited
for Charlie's safe return - next month! We did get to share in Ty's 1st
Christmas and that was really AWESOME! He is almost 11 months now
and is excited about the world! We love our little man! Doug and Courtney
took off yesterday to Columbus, GA to visit Doug's brother so we are just
kicked back enjoying the quiet... I have an eSession on Tuesday and will
take about 8 or 9 naps between now and then :-) Linda is in the kitchen
making a quiche and a pumpkin pie - YUM..........

Yesterday the Gator Nation took a real bomb when Urban Meyer announced
that he will step down as head coach after the Sugar Bowl - WOW!!! He is
leaving to take care of his health and his family - I wish him well! I will miss
his intensity and persistence - he has been great for our football program.
He is the supreme competitor and his very nature enabled his health problems.
You can not explain to someone the level of competitiveness some reach - He,
like all truly intense warriors, are devastated far more by losses than they are
elevated by their wins.... Coach, I hope you get your health back to 110% and
come back and help others like you have helped all that been in your program!


these images are from the Orlando Sentinel

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