Saturday, October 24, 2009

Cephas, Ybor City

Used to be a really neat place.....

from Cephas himself....
Cephas tells it like he see's it! If you are over weight, he'll tell you by how much, just by sizing you at first glance! And he has no remorse for telling you, "You're Fat!, Come on Man, you're killing yourself!" He is a big believer of health through the consumption of Aloe Vera gel from the leaf of live aloe plants. Made into a smoothie by blending the gel from one elephant aloe leaf till it liquefies into a foamy liquid and then adding about four to six ounces of water and a small amount of ice. He does this on a daily basis as his grandfather did. Cephas is currently 57 years old, and has the health and vitality of a young man. Not a grey hair on his head, nor an ounce of fat to his weight. He is truly one of the most energetic grandfathers I have ever met. And the most generous people you will ever met, passing the word of his health success on to others, and helping them achieve a better well being for themselves.

Recently, Cephas had a bit of misfortune when a brand new coffee pot he had purchased from WalMart, made by General Electric, burnt his eating establishment, gutting the inside, and destroying all within. Years of memorabilia and all his equipment and amenities to run his Jamaican style restaurant were destroyed on the 9th of January 2006. But being the resilient soul that Cephas is, he has constructed a juice stand outside of his Hot Shop, where he sells his aloe smoothies, and Jamaican jerk chicken until he can resolve his dilemma with the battles he is facing from the Giant G.E. lawyers. In the mean time, Cephas is losing money daily, at the same time trying to fix his place on a shoe string budget so he can operate his business once again in a normal profitable manner.

If anyone who reads this, has the power within their means to help this man resolve the battles he is facing with the powerful lawyers G.E. is able to afford, it would be appreciated by many who want to see Cephas continue to thrive in our town so he can continue to help many find a healthier way of living.

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Laurie said...

I hope he gets justice. What shame.