Friday, January 09, 2009


Tim Tebow led the Florida Gators to another National Championship last
night with an incredible display of will in the 4th quarter! The Gators beat
the Oklahoma Sooners 24 - 14 and it was a nervous night for all Gator fans!
It turns out that Tebow was incensed at halftime and was screaming at the
players and telling the coaches to put the ball in "fifteen's hands" and he
would win this thing! HE DID! It was a great team victory as the defense
held back OU twice at the goal line.

My voice will recover but it will be a while before you can wipe the smiles
off the entire Gator Nation!


"Start with the grass stains. He left the field wearing the most splendid of
grass stains, long swaths of green stretching over his shoulders, across his
chest, down his back, the badge of a linebacker. Now check out the number.
He is No. 15, but his jersey was tugged and twisted so much, sometimes it
looked as if he were No. 11, sometimes 17, the wrinkles of a lineman.
Finish with the face. Thick cheeks decorated in eye black, framed by a crew
cut, above a tight expression that sweated with intensity, a face of a fighter.
This is Tim Tebow. For a couple of wonderfully antique hours Thursday, this
is the perfect player who made us forget college football's imperfect system.
After Florida's messy 24-14 victory over Oklahoma ... I'm still not sure I can
name the nation's best team. But I'm absolutely positive of its biggest star,
that being the Gators quarterback who looks like a Four Horseman, acts like
Seven Blocks of Granite and talks like Knute Rockne."
- Bill Plaschke, Los Angeles Times


Betsy from Tennessee said...

Ha Jerry.... Being a Vol Fan--you must know how I feel about the Gators!!!!! ha ha ha ha.. (They seem to beat us most of the time!!!)

Busy Bee Suz said...

So happy for the gators. Best to be known for something OTHER than being the biggest "party" school!!!!

Busy Bee Suz said...

I loved the pic of your lab!!! So cute!!!!!

The Girl Next Door said...

Sigh someone has to win and someone has to lose. Having spent the last 2 weeks with my client from OKlahoma, I was not rooting for florida....sorry.

Thanks for stopping by the blog - glad to find yours, too!!

DeLi said...

that is some fierce (coolio) portrait shot!