Sunday, August 31, 2008

Lots to Celebrate!!!!

Happy Anniversary Charlie and Brook!!!
New House!!!
Happy Birthday Courtney!!!!

WOW - the last week had LOTS to celebrate for the Moores' family!!!!
Last weekend - Aug 24 was Charlie & Brook's 1st Anniversary! I can
not believe it has been a year since the most incredible wedding ever!
The day before - they found that their offer on their new home had been
accepted - this was all ON TOP of Charlie passing his language exams
for the Special Forces program!!! He headed off for "Robin Sage" - the
final step in the Green Beret journey!
THEN - this Saturday, we celebrated Courtney's 26th birthday!!!! My
little girl looks so beautiful as her "Ty Marley" grows inside her! We
looked for 4 weeks to find her the Wii Fit for the gift she really wanted,
and she was a happy girl!
And TODAY - AVA and Brook are coming!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Blessings everywhere you look!


soulbrush said...

what magnificent pics congrats to you son and dil also got married on a beach in australia last december!

Vickie said...

Hi Jerry, Thanks for your kind comments on my blog. Your photography is awesome. That's something I need to improve on. You have a beautiful family and your wife is a cutie. I can tell you are proud of them all.

Sara said...

Now that's a lot to celebrate, for sure. I know you are thrilled that life has been so wonderful for you lovely daughter...

The photos are great!!!!!

Sparky said...

What nice pics! I love the house. It has an Old World look about it (Swiss maybe?). Very pretty.
And Happy Birthday to your lovely daughter. Congrats all around!! Bet y'all are glad the Hurricane's are leaving you alone? :o)
BTW, did you see the photos of the hornets nest we had removed the other day? It was big and close to the house! YIPES! Glad it didn't get me while riding past it on the bike!
Ride Safe ~ Sparky ♥ ∞

DeLi said...

i really fell for that blue earring!
***sorry, that girl-fashion-mania-thing takes over my eye***