Tuesday, February 12, 2008

St Petersburg Yacht Club

I went to St Petersburg early one morning to
shoot the sunrise at the pier... I love these
moments before and as the sun rises as you
never know what you will see.. The air is
fresh and the birds start their movement as
the sun makes its appearance - magical! I
stopped by the Yacht Club as I left and
got this shot....

I was asked to re-post this by a friend...


Julie at Virtual Voyage said...

Wow, Jerry, this is a real stunner!!

Spider Girl said...

The light in that photo is gorgeous--worth getting up early for. Thanks for sharing it.

Ted Roth said...

Hi Jerry. Incredible color and detail in this shot. I love the pattern made by all the masts and the careful placement of the sun;s reflection. Did you use a filter to get the star-shaped reflection? Your email to Tooter @gmail.com did not reach me. You can write directly to tooter.ted@gmail.com. Thanks for your visit and encouraging words (if not 80 degree breezes).

Steve Buser said...

A image that will stick in your mind -- the blues abound.

-- steve buser
New Orleans Daily Photo