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2007 – What a year!!!!!

2007 – What a year!!!!!

Here I sit again – reviewing the year and I am humbled to be the recipient of the phenomenal blessings of another VERY special year….

January started in sheer terror as we had to put Charlie on a plane headed off to war once again – there is nothing that removes him from my mind when he is over there – every waking moment is spent hoping and praying for the call to say he was on the way home safely…. He DID come home safely and as the weeks spun by he met and fell in love with a wonderful girl! They were engaged in April and married at the most spectacular wedding ever on August 24th!!! There was more love and joy in that room that night – I’ll never forget it! I often relive it through a slideshow and can still feel the warmth from all the beautiful people that came together to make this wedding one for the ages! Our family grew as we merged with Brook’s family – the Cliftons – truly WONDERFUL people! Charlie and Brook will become 3 in April 08 with the arrival of Ava Grace – our 1st grandchild!!!! To say we are excited about our new bundle of joy is a MAJOR understatement!!!! Charlie has continued the tough regiment of his Special Forces training and they will move to Ft. Campbell upon completion.

Courtney continued to grow into a beautiful woman this year! She became a “fitness nut” in May and has never looked back – she looks SPECTACULAR! She is as loving and caring as she has always been! She really looked after me after my hip replacement in June – she would bring me lunch everyday from downtown, she would take me to my doctor’s appointments and wherever else I needed to go – thank you Court, Court – I love you more than I can put into words! We shared a special trip to the promised land, aka Gainesville, as we went to watch the Gators slaughter the Seminoles at the Swamp in November – another very special page in my memory book. Stella, her little English Bulldog has totally captured her heart and they are a happy little family! My heart soars when I think of Courtney realizing just what a special person she is! She has a new fella that makes her smile and we are happy for her – Doug will help make this Christmas even more special for my darling girl!

Linda continued her 30+ year career in property management and shared in all the joy of the engagement, wedding and now the anticipation of HER little “Gracie” – yup, she has already picked out a pet name for her 1st grand baby! Her feet have not touched ground since we found out! We both held tight to each other while Charlie was in Iraq and shared our JOY upon his return – she stays on the verge of tears just thinking about what our brave son does for a living….. She worked as hard as she always has this year and looks more beautiful than she should! She also took care of me after the hip surgery and what an INCREDIBLE care-giver she is! She fed me, cleaned me and cheered me on – scrubbed my feet – one more time, I don’t have the words to express my profound gratitude and love….. I am truly embarrassed as I write this because she will have surgery in the coming weeks and I KNOW I can’t begin to help her as she helped me….hurry over Courtney!!!!!! 2008 is shining through already as bright one for my lovely bride – she got a call yesterday confirming a new job after her surgery – a SUPER early Christmas present! Each day brings us closer to the excitement of the birth of Ava Grace and that keeps a constant smile on Linda’s face! She still holds her Arkansas family very close in heart and longs to visit there again…We shared another magnificent trip to the mountains in May and we want to live near there in the next 2-3 years…I pray that 2008 will be the best year ever in Linda’s life – she deserves the BEST!!!

Ole Jerry – well, I’m amazed and astonished! I have always been overwhelmed and humbled by the blessings in my life – 2007 was another year that I lack the words to express! I’ll just list a few people, places and things I am thankful for;

January, as I mentioned before started rough with Charlie being called to Iraq – through the fear I became thankful that I had someone that I cared that much about…..

February – thankful that Iraq was a short trip…..very thankful for a safe return!

March – we met Brook!!!! Thank you Brook! You brought a new smile and profound love to Charlie’s life! You are a VERY special person that has – somehow, in this crazy world – found another VERY special person and I pray that your life together is just as exceptional as the 2 of you are! Hold tight to this gift you share!

The May Mountain trip – WOW!!!! I have written before just how special this place is to me – and my love affair grows with each visit. Every trip is just like a soul cleansing session as I bathe in the beauty of the area – I can’t get enough! Linda and I are both totally relaxed and we often lose hours napping or just staring at the gorgeous sites off the back deck of the cabin! And then there is the Dragon!!!!!!!!!!!! Every single pass on the Harley through this 318 curve marvel sends my spirit soaring – every time! It is like nothing else I have ever experienced… The sense of contentment and accomplishment is like a peaceful blanket that greets me at the end of each pass – I lean back in my seat and take a deep breath of mountain air and for that moment – all is perfect…..This year was another spectacular adventure! Steve and Adrienne came for the 1st 3 days and we stayed an extra 5 – it was a BALL!!!

The hip surgery was a blessing! Ending several years of pain!!!! Thanks to Dr. Gutske and staff, the SUPER nurses at TGH, Renee Love and all that helped!

THE WEDDING!!! Way too much for words!!! OVER THE TOP! SPECTACULAR!!!!

William Felix Moores – my father – thanks for showing by example what a father, husband, grandfather, son and friend SHOULD be! You were the ultimate – the standard – You gave me all…..

Mom – the epitome of UNCONDITIONAL LOVE! You gave me life…

Linda - OMG! I love you – my friend, my wife, my lover – I look forward to may more smiles and miles!

Courtney – little lady, you are my heart – I apologize because I will never have the proper words to tell you how much you mean to me…. Be happy darling!

Charlie – son, we have a very unique and special bond and I thank God for that every day! After pushing you for years, you now inspire me…I’m with you every where you go…

Steve Moores – you have become more like a brother – a friend and confidant… Get that knee fixed in 2008!

Tom & Joan – the giving examples for everyone to model! I LOVE YOU GUYS! Ride safely!

Brother Bill – I pray your new year is without pain! I pray you know you are loved!

Fishin Steve – my buddy! Thanks for all your help and your friendship! A great example for me to follow as a GrandPa!!!

Charley Roberts – you are a GOOD man! See you in the mountains!

Nick Matassini – it’s awesome to have a regular connection to my past – Thanks for coming and sharing in our special day at the wedding – you and Norma are the best! We will be sharing grandchild pictures and stories next year!

My Phoenix Metals team mates – OUTSTANDING! Each and everyone I work with does an incredible job! I admire and respect each of you! With very little appreciation or encouragement you people have battled day after day and continued to grow our business! You are a GREAT team of people and I do appreciate your considerable efforts!

Laurie Jackson – we have never met in person and yet I feel I have encountered a person with a special spirit – she is an incredible photographer – and has become a supportive and encouraging friend! She has a son, Rob, that serves in Iraq and I have been able to encourage her when he has been gone - while she has been a constant encourager for my photography, as well as being an inspiration! Laurie – have a wonderful 2008! May you and your family continue to be blessed!

Rob La Follette, Bryan Peterson, Kathleen Connally, Jessica Claire, Paulo Jorge Oliver, Steve Paxton, Jerry McGaghey, Laurie Jackson - and the countless other talented photographers - that continue to inspire me!

Tim Tebow – thanks for an exciting year!

Mike Cline – thanks for giving us all hope by beating your cancer! May 2008 be your best ever!!!!

Spike and Randy – we are going on 20 years now – it’s been a fun ride and looks like the New Year will bring us all new ADVENTURES! Thanks for being a constant! We will all be riding in the mountains next year – visiting with the fat man!!!

My pups – Harley and Lilly – WOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Fur and love!

My hope is that everyone learns to look for and appreciate the special moments in your life – Live and love it – find the good and embrace it!

Jerry Dec 22 2007

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This was a great post. Would like to express my gratitude to you for being such an inspiration as far as photography goes. I learn each time I visit your site!