Sunday, November 25, 2007

GATORS ROMP the Seminoles!

Courtney and I traveled to Gainesville on Saturday
to see the annual "hate-fest" between our Florida
Gators and the dreaded Florida State Seminoles!
Courtney was pumped!!! The boys from Tallahassee
never knew what hit them as Tim Tebow and speedy
Percy Harvin led the Gators to an old fashioned
butt-whipping 45 - 12!!!
I always have a flood of long ago memories when
I go back to Gainesville and this trip was no
exception... The stadium has changed dramatically
and there are a LOT more people - but it is
still there - right there where it was when I
was a young guy.... It's bigger and brighter
and our time flew...AWESOME!!!
Courtney continues her love affair with Mr Tebow!!
We had a BALL!!! Special memories with the best
daughter in the world at the SWAMP!


Omykiss said...

Hi ... thanks for visiting my blog the other day ... the photos are great .... I'm a total ignoramous though as far as the match is concerned!

TJ said...

Those photos are great!! Sounds like a butt-stopmin' blast :-)

JoAnn - NL "My digital eyes" :) said...

Hi Jerry ,
You visited my blog ( I went to Paris) and you said you liked my blog so therefore I wouldlike to know your blog also, we have been in florida a while ago an I remeber TAMPA very well, it was only for 1 week and we stayed a Daytona Beach ( In a hotel ther) Very nice countrie you live in!!! You're very welcome to visit my blog see you!!!

JoAnn from Holland:)