Monday, August 27, 2007

THE BEST EVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Charlie and Brook's wedding was THE BEST EVER!!!!
Yes! I am highly prejudice! August 24th 2007 will be
a day I remember forever!

The beach wedding was awesome with just a hint
of rain! The reception was exceptional with great
food, dancing, laughs and TONS of love! Brook was
absolutely BEAUTIFUL!!! The bridesmaids were
knockouts, Linda and Connie were gorgeous mothers
and I had a smile that could not be wiped off with Ajax!

Brook had many friends that flew in from Louisville to
spend her special day with her - we had Bob from Kentucky,
friends, neighbors. Charlie's fraternity buddies, best friend
from high school and Captain Garret Cathcart all rallied to
help make the wedding one for the ages!

My baby - Courtney looked INCREDIBLE and caught the
bouquet and here boyfriend Steven caught the garter -

My brother and his wife made all the flower arrangements,
brought them down from Tennessee and they were spectacular!
My nephew and his wife provided all the photography - all
the love showed through all the help!

Our new "in-laws" were a sheer delight! Lewis and Connie
Clifton are truly wonderful people and it is exciting to have
such marvelous folks in our extended family! They will be
married 38 years next month - CONGRATS good people
and come back to see us soon! We will all be making
other plans soon...............:-)

Charlie and Brook left Sunday morning for a Jamaican
honeymoon and I hope they are as happy as they have
made us!

Once again, I am overwhelmed with the countless blessings
in my life!

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