Monday, May 14, 2007

Mothers Day Surprises!!!

Mothers Day weekend was full of wonderful surprises!

I had known for a month that Charlie was sneaking into town to surprise his Mom for her special day. I met him, Brook and Courtney for breakfast on Saturday morning at the Tahitian Ian Inn CafĂ© while Linda was at the beauty salon. Courtney called the salon and paid her Mom’s $200 hair-do bill for her 1st surprise. Then when Linda got home, Brook came by to show her pictures of the wedding dress and while they were looking there was a knock at the door – Linda answered the door and got the big surprise – she would have her whole family here for Mothers Day as Charlie swooped her up in his arms! I don’t think her feet touched the ground all weekend! I took her to Barney’s and we got her a new full face helmet that she had been wanting!

Sunday found us all at Cracker Barrel for a breakfast and everybody in Pinellas County had the same idea! Linda and I rode the motorcycle and Courtney followed us with Charlie and Brook running about 20 minutes behind us. Then I got a surprise – Charlie asked me to be best man at his wedding. I hugged him and told him I could not possibly be honored more and furiously fought back the tears. Charlie could see what was happening and just held on and keep rubbing my back! So we have an EXCITING wedding to prepare for – Friday night, August 24th on St Pete Beach!!!!


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