Thursday, April 12, 2007

On we go....

WOW!!! Time flys! JerrySpeak started out in October 2004 as an online
journal with me sharing the family happenings 4 -5 times a month. Then
I started adding a picture here and there - neat... Then I kinda went
crazy and now I share more images than feelings... I guess this is where
I am at - at this point in this wonderful, wild ride called life! I still feel
like I am the most fortunate guy around! Why? I had the absolute BEST
parents our Creator could make!!! I been blessed with a wonderful life
partner in Linda, (33 years now) and the 2 best people I know as children!
OK, I'm probably a little prejudice - but feel extremely proud and blessed
over Charlie and Courtney!! So, I'll just catch you up to date today and
we'll get back to more pictures...

Linda - my bride is working on her 4th year at the same community and
has survived 3 different owners! Bless her heart - she works her butt off
for these people... She has always taken her job seriously and worked
hard - I've always admired that about her! She had a wonderful Christmas
because we were all together for the 1st time in 3 years. Her health is
holding in there - actually she is amazing to see all she does - she gathered
a few more bumps and bruises but just rolls on! She worries TERRIBLY
when Charlie is out of the country, but holds up well...She has a trip to
Little Rock is 2 weeks for another Armstrong gathering! She loves these
trips and all her people go to great lengths to make her feel comfortable
and loved!!! Then in May we go to the mountains for 9 days and she able
to totally relax up there!!

Courtney - 4 years with Yerrid Law Firm now and has a special place with
some special people! We are so PROUD and happy for her! She, too works
very hard!!! Her family grew with the addition of Stella, the English Bulldog
and the 2 of them couldn't be happier!! She traded cars and got a VW Passat
and loves it - nice car! She has celebrated 3 national Championships by the
Gators in the last 12 months and she lives and dies with every play! Wonder
where she gets that??? She will be moving soon to a big house and will live
with 2 of her childhood friends, Molly and Lanie! They have all grown up to
become such beautiful women...Courtney still ROCKS!!! My wish for her is that
realizes just how special a lady she is!

Charlie - whoa!!!!!!!! Non-stop. Ranger School, mountains with Dad, Cabo,
became Captain, Special Forces Selection, back to Baghdad, move to Louisville,
and along the way met a wonderful girl named Brook. He "hopped" up his Harley
last year to make it go more zoom - zoom and continues to add more upgrades.
he is as happy now as we have ever known him to be and that THRILLS us to
the MAX!!! We wish him all the happiness in the world as he rolls on....I look forward
to meeting him in the mountains again and us racing up and down the mountain!

Me - old and older....Mountains in May (Steve and Adrienne coming up for a few
days) hip in June....I really look forward to some days with less pain. BUT,
it's all worth it! In my 15th year with Phoenix - blessed here too - I work with a
bunch of extremely hard working people and appreciate each one of them. I'm
really enjoying my digital photography and editing!!!I remain unable to put into
words how much my family means to me - they truly are the very breath I breathe!
I would not be - without Linda, Charlie and Courtney....I remain thankful! I'll
journal our great May Adventure again this year - until then, I'll be putting up
more of my images and ON WE GO....

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