Thursday, January 04, 2007

Hurry back Buddy!

The New Year has always been an exciting time for me. I get excited about a new year, new opportunities, new adventures and always a chance to improve areas of our lives or find new passions!

I ALWAYS remain thankful of the countless blessings and WONDERFUL people in my life! So - as the new year approached, my spirits were soaring! Charlie was home for the 1st Christmas in 3 years and we ALL had a SUPER Christmas and created many new memories! I get excited about my job this time of year too! I think of the new opportunities to grow and expand our great business - I work for an INCREDIBLE company and with some real hard-working, dedicated people! I'm excited when thinking about increasing my skills with my camera for this year too!

WELL, the New Year started out great! I got up early and shot the 1st sunrise of the year at Ballast Point Pier as the sun rose and cast a beautiful orange hue on the new minutes of the new year - Big thanks to our Creator for that gorgeous moment! So, I was pumped as I headed back home to show my new pictures and share with the family AND get ready for some SERIOUS football watching! Linda cooked a big meal and we had a wonderful day!

Tuesday was back to work and I was out early to help with the training of a new salesman we have and excited about all my new plans for my territory! THEN THE POOP HIT THE FAN...............

Charlie called and had received a call from his base that he was needed back and was to deploy to Baghdad ASAP. Talk about a kick in the ass! Now, if you do not have a loved one that you have sent off to a war, one can not begin to understand the sheer horror your mind can put you through. It was much like 2005 when he had to go the 1st time - my mind raced to the worst-case scenarios and I was, once again, frightened to the depths of my soul. Those that know me know the incredibly special relationship that Charlie and I have shared. Tuesday night was not an enjoyable evening. We all went to eat and Charlie went on to meet some friends for a last night of fun before heading back on Wednesday - there was an emotional "cloud" that covered the night.....

Wednesday was the dreaded trip to the airport...FAR worst than last time as none of us could hide our feelings. We waited until the very last possible moment, had our tearful goodbyes and watched as he boarded the trolley. Linda and I did not say a single word for the whole ride home and I had that same empty feeling I had last time. At home we helped each other through this most uncomfortable time and Linda shared that her "motherly instincts" told her he would be fine.... I'll hang my hat on that! We vowed to worked past this initial crippling fear and resume our supportive roles in the coming days. It's a lot like being knocked down - getting back up is my habit and that's what I'll do.

We believe in Charlie and he has been though continuing intensive training and we are sure he will be able to perform his duties at the highest level. Our thoughts will be with him EVERY second he is gone AND I look forward to me and the Captain riding our bikes on the Dragon again in a few months!!! Be safe and come home soon to my best buddy!


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