Saturday, November 18, 2006

Cool fall morning

It's Saturday morning and 48 degrees here in LaLaLand.... hey folks, that's almost freezing to us! It's been a crazy last few weeks. Charlie flew in last week and went to Gainesville for 2 nights to party and go to the Florida game against South Carolina. He had a memorable time and became the "12th man" with wild cheering in the final minutes as the Gators held on to send the old ball coach (Spurrier) home with a loss and preserve the undefeated streak Urban Meyer has going at the swamp! Thursday night Courtney continued the 30 year affair that the Moores clan has had with Mr Jimmy Buffett! She and Keith went to the JB concert at the Ford Amphitheater and the party continues! Jimmy's concerts are much more than your your usual music! As JB sang "A Pirate Looks at Forty" for his last song, Courtney called and held up the phone so I could enjoy the excitement - oh, the memories!
Charlie is back in town for Stevie Meyer's wedding this week and got to go out with the old crowd from high school as they all gathered to wish Stevie and Stephanie the best! Today is the wedding and I'll have new pics up tomorrow as Charlie is wearing his dress uniform.
Time flys on, new memories are created and I remain amazed at the blessings in my life!

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Fred said...

At least we don't need the air conditioning any more. :)

Sounds like you're busy! I hope you get to relax today.