Wednesday, September 27, 2006

It's been a GREAT summer of memories for 2006. A little look back over the past few months as we head into fall - and back to the mountains in a few weeks! In April we had the Genungs for their 1st visit of the year, followed in July for another week. We love them dearly and look forward to each and every visit! May was our mountain vacation and asssault on the Dragon - and then on to Charlie's Ranger graduation - another one of those lifetime memories. Court had gotten a new VW Passat and Dad got a new Explorer. June 1 was our 32nd anniversary - WOW!!!! Charlie was home for a week and he and I took another little trip back to the Dragon to play! July 1 saw Charlie become Captain Charles Moores and he headed off to Cabo San Lucas to celebrate. It was a HOTTTT summer but another one that was filled with good times. Charlie came back to visit with the Genungs in July and in August Courtney turned 24! Hard to believe - seems like yesterday she was wearing her Punkie Brewster shoes headed off to 1st grade.....We were honored to celebrate with her at Bonefish and look forward to spending many more special days with her!In August, Linda got a flight home to see her Mom and all her family turned it into a SUPER reunion! Linda was able to see her dear friend Peggy as well! Linda traded her new Mustang on a pretty new(er) Mustang GT!!! September has brought another birthday by me and I'm feeling it this year - the old injuries are really wearing on me! As September closes, we look forward to meeting Charlie in the mountains again for 5 days in the middle of October. It's been a GRAND ride and I remain thankful.....


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